Ministers Training Program

Ministers Training Program

As we have worked with the victims of religious persecution in Uganda, we came to appreciate this challenge as pertinent.

This has been especially in the case where the individual has been converted from Islam to Christianity; this is a far-reaching problem as has been demonstrated in the unfortunate experiences below:

  • Students are being chased from school by school authorities.
  • Parents refuse to continue paying school fees and taking care of their children.
  • Housewives are being forcefully divorced and denied of their rights.
  • Employees are being laid off without any benefits.
  • And in some cases some victims have been injured and even killed.

Most of these people lose hope after being cast out of their families, jobs and constant life threatening attempts on their dear lives. It is by this reason that we set up a rehabilitation / discipleship centre to look after the cast out former Moslems who are seriously persecuted for Christ.It serves also as training Centre to Christian leaders who wish to take the love of Christ to Moslems.

We rehabilitate / Disciple them, ground them in the word of God and train them to reach others. We have an urgent need of $ 49000 to finish the construction of this centre.