The main objective of the Mission is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To restore and implement the flow and effectiveness of the five fold gifts.

To restore righteousness, character, obedience and the fear of the Lord or his glory into the Church.

To plant and establish Churches, which are free from sin, occult, and corruption.

To restore the Church into the leadership and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

To sensitize the youth to engage in evangelism and live in righteousness.

To organize, support and conduct prayer and revival meetings, crusades and seminars.

To initiate and support, soul wining developmental projects beneficial to the body of Christ.

To establish and run: Day care and nursery schools, primary and secondary schools, colleges, institutions, health and community centers, commercial farms, orphanage and elderly homes, financial institutions, transportation and media stations.

Planting Churches in rural areas where Christ has not been preached, helping the underprivileged people in war ravaged areas, or disastrous areas.

Establishing a bible college: to train Bible instructors, counselors and spiritual mentors and also to train intercessors in various places.

To establish a Christian printing press or publishing press and a library; mainly to strengthen the work of God and also to motivate Church leaders to engage in writing books through the wisdom God has given them.

To construct presentable Church auditoriums that glorifies the name of the Lord and entices people to come and seek or worship God in it.

The guiding principle and vision of the ministry is to promote spiritual, emotional, economical, academic, and physical development of the people of God, with out segregation of color, tribe, status and others.