It’s not proper when Muslim exaggerates try to underate Jesus Christ yet even in their own Quran Jesus Christ is mentioned 93 times, and his mother Mary is mentioned 97 times!

From the 93 times that Jesus is mentioned in the Quran, I can just Point out a few for emphasis.

The Quran reports that Jesus was born of a virgin          Surat 19 verse 20

He was holy and faultless                                                 Surat 19verse19

He is the messiah                                                             Surat 4verse 171

He is the word of God                                                      Surat 4 verse 171

He is the spirit from God                                                 Surat 4 verse 171

He created life                                                                   Surat 5 verse 110

He healed the sick                                                            Surat 5 verse 110

He raised the dead                                                          Surat 5 verse 110

He came with clear signs                                                Surat 43 verse 63

He is assigned to all mankind                                         Surat 19 verse 21

He is illustrious in this world and here after                  Surat 3 verse 45

He was raised on high                                                    Surat 4 verse 158

He will come back as a sign of the end of the earth        Surat 43 verse 61

These are 13 statements about Jesus Christ.

There is no person, who ever lived, who can truthfully claim just 3 of these for Himself!! This evidence alone makes Jesus more than Prophet. These qualities clearly witness to the already available truth of a divine status of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Complied By Pastor Umar Mulinde

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