Urgent Needs

Urgent Needs

In Uganda, along with the normal ministries of our church, we help adults and children who are victims of religious persecution.

Although the Ugandan constitution guarantees religious freedom and Uganda is over 80% Christian, Muslim minorities persecute Christian converts from Islam; and authorities rarely prosecute Muslim attacks against Non- Muslims.

There are many incidents of persecution continuing to emerge throughout Uganda which are not being reported. For example:

  • Children of converted Muslims are being chased from schools by the authorities at Muslim-owned schools.
  • Housewives who accept Jesus as their savior are being forcefully divorced by their Muslim husbands.
  • Employees in Muslim-owned enterprises who convert from Islam are being fired.
  • And in some cases, victims of persecution have been injured, received death threats or even been killed, while others like myself have survived acid attacks (acid being thrown on them by Muslims).

Some believers are experiencing complete rejection and separation from their immediate and extended families. These realities are causing many Christians – especially new ones – to lie low to avoid tracking and persecution by Muslims. Unless we rehabilitate, disciple and support these individuals, they may end up backsliding because of the intense pressure.

Urgent Needs

  1. Three Acres for Land, as we need to relocate our church complex.
  2. We need financial support to facilitate our Rehabilitation/Discipleship Center for victims of persecution.
  3. Due to absolute poverty coupled with high levels of unemployment in Uganda, we initiated a project to empower Church members with skills and other capacity building needs for self sustenance.

We seek your support prayerfully and financially in any possible way for you

Thank you