Self Sustenance Development Project

Self Sustenance Development Project

Due to absolute poverty coupled with high levels of unemployment in Uganda, we initiated a project to empower Church members with skills and other capacity building needs for self sustenance.

Our aim includes providing our Members with vocational training, skills training, revolving loans and Establish Education and Social Support services to needy and vulnerable children.

We carried out social support needs assessment and we realized that it would serve better if we work in a development group arrangement, thus, within Gospel Life Church International; we formed Christian development network, a cooperative enterprise with main objective of Unity for good health, security, development for self sustainability and care for one another.

By Gods grace, we have already got our own space of land to facilitate this project and three farming enterprises were ear marked namely: Chicken, Rabbits Rearing and Piggery, which seems to have better market and profitability in order to help us fulfill our revolving fund agenda for successful self sustainability development of beneficially members as soon as possible.

We use a cycle plan of revolving funds from one beneficiary to another without charging interests to the beneficially members.

We intend to conduct short courses of Vocational skills training involved in two aspects:

  • Practical and entrepreneurship management skills: Planning, Marketing, resource mobilization, record keeping, costing, personal aspects of an entrepreneur and communication.
  • Entrepreneurship and enterprise management skills: cottage industry – agro business, Tailoring, brick making, Carpentry, baking, motor vehicle / motorcycle general maintenance skills training, Computer Skills training,, hair dressing ( saloon), rearing chicken, rabbits, piggery, book making, paper bag making, hand paper making, chalk making, farming, Business Incubation skills, Foods and Beverages processing skills– generally it’s all about informal sector hands on practical training.

There are set expectations in a result oriented approach to be reflected in outputs and outcomes. That at the end of the project there will be impact to measure against indicators set. This is so, having analyzed risks and well thought out assumptions respectively, in the project design.

The project has a monitoring and evaluation plan in built the project implementation process to ensure effective and efficient implementation to success.

The Project has been prepared with a sustainability strategy that even at close of its life the initiated activities will continue as a long term program.