I Faced A Horrific Acid Attack

I Faced A Horrific Acid Attack

In the first picture I was in seven Hills Hospital in India and another in Sheba Hospital in Israel.

Some people are not aware of the amazing Israel medical expertise but I witnessed it first hand after a horrific Acid Attack.

I had earlier been referred from Uganda to India but when the situation worsened, I ended up in Israel.

I noticed that Israel is leading the World in many scientific medical inventions in various fields such as oncology, cardiology, neurology, and advanced medical technologies in cell-engineering therapies and robotic surgeries among others.

Israel offers first world quality but affordable and accessible medical treatment with shorter wait times.

With God no tragedy will be permanent.

I am not only Alive but also involved in spreading messages of encouragement and hope to the traumatized people and helping patients of complicated life-threatening illnesses to access first world treatment in prestigious Hospitals in Israel.

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Pastor Umar Mulinde