This is Incredible!

This is Incredible!

Because of my conversion from Islam and my progressive gospel activities and unwavering stand for Israel, Ugandan Muslim extremists attacked me and poured Acid on my face. It was a horrific Acid attack aimed at killing me. Acid burnt me to near death had God not helped me.

I have undergone lengthy specialized treatment in Israel. Upon leaning that I am not dead, they threw letters at my office saying that they are so happy because at least I am going to be so disfigured and nobody Will be interested to listen to me or even look at me anymore.

But now see, when people in Riceville, Tennesse, USA, heard that I am in this Church, they gathered to hear my story in such large numbers, it has been full packed house with others watching on screens out side after the overflow room got full as well, and I preached the word of truth and life to them.

We serve a faithful Powerful Lord, the Holy one of Israel, who ashames our adversaries by turning curses, bad wishes and witchcraft into significant blessings that no man can deny.

The Lord setting a table before enemies…
Glory be to His holy Name.

Thank you for your prayers, love and support – Shalom
Pastor Umar Mulinde