Helping Victims of Religious Persecution

Helping Victims of Religious Persecution

Shalom and greetings.

Dear friend, this is Pastor UmarMulinde. I thank you for all support and encouragements. It’s more than a yearsince I was attacked by persons who chanted “Allah Akbar” as they pouredacid on me seeking my death just outside our church in Kampala, Uganda on24/12/2011.

Acid burnt me severely disfiguring myface, burning my hands, chest, neck and my right eye I almost died. I was flownto Hospital in Israel, given matriderm skin substitutes along with grafts of myskin on my face chest, neck and arm .In parallel, a surgical ophthalmologicalteam prepared my eye for reconstruction.

I am still outfitted with speciallydesigned pressure masks to promote healing and prevent scaring. Furtherreconstructive surgeries are planned to improve the results as medic’scommitment to help me heal back to the maximum health possible. I haveundergone 5 surgeries and more remaining.

Prayer Requests

I am to undergo 3more surgeries: Prayfor successful recovery and provision for me while in Israel.

Also pray for the safety and provision of my4 other Children and tuition for them to study.

Pray for our Church that has a big number ofMBBS facing persecution and we are setting up building rehabilitation center tohelp accommodate them.

1-     ManyPeople who come to faith from Islam face persecution & this isafar-reaching problem as has been demonstrated in the unfortunate experiencesbelow:

  • Students arebeing chased from school by school authorities.
  • Parents refuseto continue paying school fees and taking care of their children.
  • Housewives arebeing forcefully divorced and denied of their rights.
  • Employees arebeing laid off without any benefits.
  • And in somecases some victims have been injured and even killed. Most of these people losehope after being cast out of their families, jobs and constant life threateningattempts against their dear lives.

Unless we rehabilitate / Disciple them,ground them in the word of God and train them to reach others, they end upbacksliding. It serves also as training Centre to Christian leaders who wish totake the love of Christ to Muslims.

I really request you for prayers&financial Support in any way possible for you to help me pay bills while ontreatment in Israel and helping my family in Africa, the team of Church workersand persecuted members of our community.

More funds are needed for this&other noble causes. To Donate via PayPal or in any other way page and press the donate paypal button or money Banktransfer or post international check in Name of Gospel Life ChurchInternational or Mulinde Umar. Thank you and God bless you.

Pastor Mulinde Umar