Preaching In America

Preaching In America

Greetings in Jesus Name,

1. I thank God who is enabling me to conduct very important meetings within various States in the United States of America

2. I carry a powerful message of a clarion call for the Church to stand up for the persecuted Christians around the world, practically explaining the root cause of Islamic Terrorism, the Global Islamic Agenda, why Christians should stand with Israel and an inspiring Testimony of standing firm in faith despite severe persecution.

3. I invite you to Visit my Facebook page and watch video testimonies of appreciation and support from various Leaders in regard to this important message.

4. It was such a powerful preaching Sunday in Los Angeles, the Pastor was forced to put up an addition unusual evening service…oh God, services were packed, I preached 4 services that day, with amazing inspiring testimonies, LIVE TV coverage was done, it was incredible and in the videos is what some of those who attended had to say…