Important of Truth

Important of Truth

Truth can’t be sacrificed!

During my Speaking Tours around the world especially through Africa, Middle east, Europe and North America, I have noticed very serious matters that I wish to be gradually sharing.

First, Radical Islam is a major pressing issue in the world at the moment;

However, a kind of Self-delusion attitude, in not wanting to understand this danger, is so strong in our world today because it’s painful to admit to processes that are threatening our cherished world, and sometimes taking action can be even more painful.

Yet in many moslem populated Nations, we witness unprecedented persecution of Christians.

Gruesome stories revealing beheadings of Christians, executions, imprisonment and torture has become daily life in many parts of the world.

The attacks have nothing to do with war or insurgency, but the victims are innocent Christians and other non-Muslims who are specifically targeted and abused solely on account of their faith by those who quote Sharia law (Islamic law) while claiming their religion as a motive!

Regardless of the technological and military advancements specifically by the Western world, Islamist extremism and ideology is spreading as fast as if on fertile ground, first was in the Middle East, but now in Europe and North America with no effective remedy!

The failure to reign on Islamist extremism and ideology may be credited to Western World misleading conclusions such as refusal  to understand the Middle East dynamics and as such breeding a lot of unfounded theories, for example: There are those who believe that Islamic extremism is caused by lack of education, unemployment, discrimination, social and economic factors, poverty and absence of upward mobility which develops a growing sense of frustration and radicalization.

According to this camp, the absence of socioeconomic opportunities and solving some issues of political imbalance matters much more than the clash of civilizations or the war of ideologies.   In my view, such may be likened to treating a sickness using erroneous prescription and wrong medicine altogether!

With such a background, it seemed good to me, having made observation, with care, of the direction of the events in their order, to put important facts in writing so that many might have certain knowledge of those things about which some are erroneously mixing due to incorrect assumptions, main stream media bias or may be political correctness.

I intend to regularly post potions of evaluated facts regarding but not limited to the above matters.

I need your prayers and financial support in any way possible for you.


Pastor Umar Mulinde