What is Taqiyah and why we should take serious note of it?

What is Taqiyah and why we should take serious note of it?

Taqiyah is a topic in Islamic theology describing a kind of falsehood, concealment, lying and diplomacy, the strategy as practiced by Islamists: using deceit as a religious and political weapon appropriated as part of their political strategy to entice and bring people to Islam through deception.

Taqiyya is an idea that has been redefined and appropriated by Islamists as part of their political strategy of using deceit as a religious and political weapon. They interpret taqiyya as permission to lie about the nature of Islamic agenda to non-Muslims in order to convert them to Islam or to establish Islamic religious goal.
Frequently Islamist politicians and scholars say one thing to the world in English and another thing in Arabic to their supporters.
For example, in 2012 during riots outside the US embassy in Cairo, the Muslim Brotherhood tweeted messages of support and solidarity to America in English, while exhorting their supporters to riot in Arabic.

All that is part of a religious scheme intended to conquer all religions and democratic systems in order to establish one worldwide religion governed by a theocratic shariah law system as it is practiced in Saudi Arabia, Iran etc. That targeted fight is what is called Jihad. Jihad means a holy fighting in ALLAH’S cause to make ISLAM superior. (Sahih Al Bukhari “the call to jihad”, pg.1079) Summarized edition.

Its Islamic holy war to dominate the world. The jihad war is categorized into 6 main ways and that will be a discussion of another day

  1. By heart: This done by looking bitter and tough and having bad intensions towards a non-Moslem.
  2. By tongue:  where one uses the mouth to attack and make war by words, involving using speeches, blackmail, propaganda, defamation, inciting violence, even shouting abusively against non-Islamic systems, slander, mud slang, all through the means of speaking.
  3. Psychological: Here the system is created to operate using brain power and not hands. where one uses manipulative strategies of attack and oppression where things like manipulation, intimidation, frustration, and infiltration can be applied.
  4. Financial jihad: This involves infiltration of economies, economics, finance, banking and monopolizing some key businesses.
  5. Social: This involves producing many Children to create majority numbers of people for purposes of winning elections and any other thing that might necessitate majority numbers of people.
  6. Jihad with Arms: this is armed struggle which involves physical war and fight. The one of armed struggle and speaking can be visible but others are widest involving many systems, activities and camouflaged personalities.

This ideology is so dangerous because its implementation is incompatible with the modern world- politically, socially and economically.

Because the Western World is unfamiliar with such an ideology, so they fear to identify it in these terms, thinking that they’re being anti- Muslim or Islamophobic, a sentiment on which the Islamists cleverly play.

Amazingly, after making horrific actions and utterances, they fall back on the victim ideology which is the Islamophobia guard.

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