Misconception Regarding Preaching in Love!

Misconception Regarding Preaching in Love!

It is common today to hear people saying things like please don’t judge people; preach in love. I think that many people do not understand what it means to truly preach in love.

Vividly, there is a misconception regarding preaching in love and this is confusing many preachers to an extent that instead of spreading the truth, some preachers have compromised thinking that appeasement means love, yet love is based on truth and not appeasement.

To preach in love doesn’t mean that you preach that which people love to hear or to compromise the word of God because you do not want to offend the listeners.

Nobody can claim to love better than God, yet still with all the love God has for us, he keeps telling us the truth, warning us about danger, as well as rebuking and punishing us when we become disobedient.

We should not target to be loved by People at the expense of truth. 1 Corinthians 11:6 teaches that, love doesn’t rejoice in evil but in truth.

What the world needs today is the un compromised Message of Truth because zealous people such as muslims are fully determined to follow their way, committed to their religion, 100% sure that their religion is the only truth. Therefore, it can only be the power of the Lord and truth from the Word of God that can set them free – John 8:32, Hosea 4:6.

Good news is that, as a Pastor after being converted from Islam, I have been extensively involved into many outreaches to the Muslim community.

Several of them who have been converted have become gospel ministers and thus positioning me with profound information on how to love, disciple and which is which in regard to the Christian-Muslim friendship.

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