Reaching Muslims with the Gospel

Reaching Muslims with the Gospel

Its important to know that in reaching Muslims with the Gospel, the first line of approach is your personal testimony, making the conversation so simple but truthfully sharing the good things God has done in your life, family or work. Secondly, tell him/her that God has done those good things in your life because of going to Church and therefore continually extend your invitation to him/her to visit your Church.

On the other hand, you need to be equipped with some relevant information being aware that Christianity and Islam are two opposing spiritual, ideological and theological forces, therefore in whichever case at some point you will need to answer some important life questions about faith ( 1 Peter 3:15).

Some suggest that when you meet a Muslim, try to be like him, first say, “Assalam O Alaikum” (peace be to you ), as a polite greeting from you for the appropriate approach from you to soften the atmosphere and prepares a place for you in the heart of the Muslim you will be conversing with

That do not mention or entertain the phrases “Trinity” or “Jesus is the Son of God” or “Jesus is God”, in your conversations or to say anything negative about the Islamic faith, Qura’n or Muhammad.

However, I find such theories to be so canal and fruitless! Really, how will you lead a muslim to accept Jesus while hiding the key teaching of Jesus being a Son of God and His divine status? Unless Jesus is a Son of God and God, if not, then, why any Muslim will be picking much interest in believing Him?

True we must preach in love, but that purported love which involves description is not love at all. If I lie to you then that is not love but if I tell you the truth, then that is love.

I think there is a misconception regarding preaching in love and this is confusing many preachers to an extent that instead of reaching the Muslims with the true gospel of Jesus, people just compromise thinking that appeasement means love, yet love is based on truth and not appeasement.

To preach in love doesn’t mean that you preach that which people love to hear or to compromise the word of God because you do not want to offend the listeners.

Nobody can claim to love better than God, yet still with all the love God has for us, he keeps telling us the truth, warning us about danger, as well as rebuking and punishing us when we become disobedient.

We should not target to be loved by People at the expense of truth. 1 Corinthians 11:6 teaches that, love doesn’t rejoice in evil but in truth.

What all Muslims need is the Message of Truth because they are fully determined to follow their way, committed to their religion and they are 100% sure that their way is the only way truth and life. Therefore, it can only be the power of the Lord and truth of the gospel that can set them free.

Concealing vital facts about Jesus’s divine status will only harden the Muslim heart even causing him to doubt your truthfulness because Muslims are taught and they know very well that Christians believe that Jesus is God, Son of God who died and rose from the dead and what is hindering them to believe Jesus is the fact that they have not yet understood those facts. So, they expect you to either accept their claim that those are false teachings and embrace to Islam or to affirm those teachings and truthfully explain to them your position.

As an ex-Muslim who studied Islamic theology, and having extensively involved into outreach to the Muslim community with fruitful outcome, I will clearly point out that the main hinderance for Muslims to believe like Christians rotates around the personality of Jesus, Sonship, death, resurrection and His Divine status. Therefore, if a Muslim can get convinced of those facts about Jesus, and is drawn by Gods power, then, in no minute he/she can easily be converted.

We must admit that all that we are trying to do in the work of spreading of the Gospel, has been done by others before us and Jesus with His Disciples gave us a solid foundation.

Therefore, we shouldn’t be acting as if we are the architecture of this whole plan of salvation.

We should devote to doing our part as per the guiding principles from Gods word, and after, leave the rest to God.

Because people are not saved because of tricks but because of the power of the truth from Gods word. So, we shouldn’t be doing things in away as if we are twisting Gods arm but rather do all we can while acknowledging the power of the living Lord to save whom he wills. Eventually, conversion is up to God.

Therefore, softening the atmosphere and preparing a place for us in the heart of a muslim is a work of Gods power not our tricks.

Basically, you need to know that, Islam in the Quran Chapter 4:157-158, tries to re-write history by denying historical and important facts of Jesus’s death and resurrection.

Yet the New Testament places the death and resurrection of Jesus, as a fundamental Bible truth, the platform on which the rest of the faith in Jesus system rests.

Apostle Paul declared in 1 Corinthians 15:14’ 17-18, that if Jesus was not crucified and subsequently resurrected from the dead, then our preaching is in vain and our faith is also in vain. 17 And if Christ is not risen, your faith is useless; you are still in your sins! 18 Then also those who have died in Christ have perished.

Also, Quran chapter 112, Teaches that, Allah the Islamic god, does not have a son – and that Jesus is not a son of God!

Apostle John gives us a standard for discerning the spirits in 1John 2:21-23, saying, ‘he is anti-Christ who denies the father and the son; whoever denies the son does not have the father also’.

Therefore, somebody who is trying to form a religion combining Muslims and believers of Jesus to form one religion called chrislam is either conniving to do evil or he is lacking adequate information.

In a true Biblical perspective, Islam is a spirit of anti-Christ! The main teaching of Islam portrays a wrong picture of Jesus claiming that, Jesus is just a mere prophet like other prophets.

Many people might be knowing some of these things but are kept back because of fear, However, we need to overcome any form of fear- in 2Timothy 1:7, we learn that God did not give us the spirit of fear.

Due to fear, almost all the information we receive through the news media and even most of the missionaries who come from Middle East paint a very “pleasant” picture of the Islamic faith, that they are just as kind and understanding as Christians and that, it is only the radical Muslims who are causing trouble.

Yet for sure in some cases Muslims do show kindness and understanding, but it would not be the same, should the Islamic faith gain favor over the Christian faith in any country. 

Believers need to have a critical insight into what is happening in the middle East and Africa, in some regions, the level and nature of persecution is a real genocide

The Press hides the persecution of Christians but many Christians in the Middle East and Africa are increasingly being deliberately targeted by fundamentalist muslim militants, violently attacked, injured, wrongfully arrested or convicted, abducted, forced to convert, their property destroyed but several of those attacks on Christians are not prosecuted and not publicized.

As a Pastor after being converted I have been extensively involved into many outreaches to the Muslim community, several of them who have been converted have become gospel ministers and thus positioning me with profound information on how to love, disciple and which is which in regard to the Christian-Muslim friendship.

By God’s grace, I have debated and won numerous international debates with several Islamic scholars, they no longer accept my invitation on Television and Radio in Uganda to debate me.

Regardless of the challenges we face, the Lord is doing great work with us, we continue to proclaim the Gospel in power, witnessing great harvest and 35% of our Church members are ex-muslims. Glory be to God!

I need your prayers and financial support in any way possible for you.

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